Fertilizing Your Garden

Along with regular watering, regular and consistent fertilization is vital to your newly installed plants' long-term health. While fertilization is often overlooked by new gardeners, regular fertilization will ensure that the plants you recently had installed will reach their full adult size as depicted in the renderings provided to you. The best part about fertilizing is that it is simply following directions!

Watering schedules must be rigidly adhered to and they generally only change with the weather. Fertilizing schedules, on the other hand, vary by the particular stage of the growing season. TLL Landscaping recommends that you buy your fertilizer from experienced garden centers, however products purchased from large chain stores can be effective as well. Simply follow the directions listed on the package and make sure to ask for specific advice from an experienced gardener on staff regarding the particular type of plant and/or outcome you wish to achieve.

Following this simple advice will ensure that your plants remain healthy and lush throughout their lifetime!